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Car repairs by a professional German car workshop on Mallorca

Engine repairs

VW Polo
VW Polo  Zylinderkopf
VW Bora Zylinderkopf
VW Bora Zylinderkopf
VW Bora Ventile
MG 1,8L Zylinderkopf
MG 1,8L Zylinderkopf
Golf 1 Motor Leistungssteigerung Motorblock
Golf 1 Motor Leistungssteigerung
Golf 1 Motor Leistungssteigerung
Golf 1 Motor Leistungssteigerung
Golf 1 Motor Leistungssteigerung  Zylinderkopf
Golf 1 Motor Leistungssteigerung  Zylinderkopf
Chrysler Sebring Zylinderkopf
Chrysler Sebring Zylinderkopf
Chrysler Sebring Zylinderkopf
BMW E46 320D Zylinderkopf
BMW E34 525i Zylinderkopf

Disassembly and assembly of the engine block

  • Checking the engine block for flatness and warpage

  • Surface grinding of the engine block

  • Check the cylinders for wear and roundness

  • Drilling and honing of cylinders

  • Grinding the cylinders to size

  • Measurement of the main storage aisles for roundness

  • Repairing the warehouse aisles

  • Checking the connecting rod base bore for dimensional accuracy and angularity

  • Check the pistons and bearings for wear

  • Renewing dry and wet cylinder liners

  • Setting new blind holes for oversize bushings

  • Repair of threads (Helicoil)

  • Insertion of sleeves of various types (diameter and pitch)

  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning of engine blocks


Check the crankshaft for cracks, impact and hardness

  • Straightening and grinding the crankshaft

  • Post-hardening of the crankshaft


Disassembly and assembly of cylinder heads

  • Check for cracks (push off)

  • Surface grinding of the cylinder head

  • Looping in valves

  • Renewal of valve guides

  • Milling of valve seats

  • Drill out and replace glow plugs and studs

  • Possibly. Welding and reworking of sealing surfaces

  • Professional cleaning of the cylinder head

  • Check the camshafts for wear

  • Straightening, grinding, subsequent hardening and renewal of camshafts

Gearbox repair

We are one of the few workshops on Palma de Mallorca that carry out gearbox overhauls / repairs.

In the case of automatic transmissions, the specified change intervals of the manufacturer of transmission oil with transmission filter should be observed to ensure a long service life.

If you have any problems with a gearbox, we're here to help. Our specialty is gear repairs and gear repairs for automatic and manual gearboxes and differentials.

Problems with the transmission usually start out harmlessly, but can then quickly develop into major transmission damage. Therefore you should have it checked ahead of time at the first signs of problems (gear noises or shifting problems).


A binding cost estimate can be made after the gear unit has been dismantled, because only then is it clear what is necessary for the professional repair of the gear unit, be it material or labor. However, the costs for removal and damage diagnosis can in most cases be calculated in advance.


A professionally reconditioned gearbox is in no way inferior to a replacement gearbox. As a rule, however, the repair costs usually speak clearly in favor of the repair!

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